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Darjeeling Tea Lovers, The Etiquette of Tea Whenever the human race invents a new pleasure, it seems that pretty soon it also invents a set of rules to govern it. The drinking of tea is no exception, and it has been defined by all kinds of rules and practices over the centuries, which differ from nation to nation. We are keen to encourage tea drinkers to take their tea however they choose, unconstrained by too many old-fashioned rules - for it is the taste of the tea that matters most. But for your interest, we have listed a few 'rules' of etiquette that have grown up around the taking of tea in DARJEELING.

  Loose-leaf tea will keep very well in an airtight container for up to a year. All you need to ensure is that the teas are not exposed to moisture and too much of direct sunlight. Darjeeling Tea Lovers, The Etiquette of Tea
  Tea is best served in bone china cups. Keen tea-drinkers maintain that it tastes better, and the delicacy of the cup does seem to enhance the delicacy of the tea within. Darjeeling Tea Lovers, The Etiquette of Tea
  The usual way is to hold the handle between your thumb and fingers, rather than curling your fingers through the handle. Holding the little finger out is often thought to be the done thing, but in fact it’s not required. Darjeeling Tea Lovers, The Etiquette of Tea
  It is best to move the spoon gently back and forth from front to back, rather than round and round, and to avoid clinking the side of the cup. Darjeeling Tea Lovers, The Etiquette of Tea
Our Story

In the year 1958, Lt. SURAJMAL CHOUDHURY a young dynamic man from a small town in Rajasthan came to the DARJEELING HILLS. He was young but had a passion, a passion to do something new, to do something big. During those days DARJEELING was a dense jungle with TEA ESTATES all around.


The history of Darjeeling Tea dates back to the 1840ís, when India was a British Colony. Before the arrival of the British, the forests of the region were known as Darjeeling today was inhabited by the Lepcha Tribes. In 1828, while visiting this region located in the backdrop of the snow-clad Himalayan Range, a young British

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We are dedicated to provide our Tea Lover a satisfying experience of THE HIMALAYAN CHAMPAGNE with hygienically packed best quality teas which is selected and approved by our dedicated & qualified team of Tea Tasters. Also to share our passion for freshness, we maintain an optimal stock of teas and ensure

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